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Quality Control

1. Since 2005 when Seri-xiangying was certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system, its production has always been in strict accordance with their standards.

2. Both our catering equipment and related production techniques have been approved by CSA international (Canadian Standards Association) and NSF international (national sanitation foundation).

3. Seri-Xiangying is a customer oriented enterprise. Therefore, it places much attention on customer care, and delivers complete design solution and strict quality control towards all the production procedures.

Common features for our products:
a. Raw materials for our products are high-end stainless steel, featuring excellent durability and long service life.
b. Corrosion resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean;
c. Our products are detachable, providing much convenience for assembly, packaging, as well as transportation.
d. All the edges of our finished products have no metal burr, which is more secure.
e. Xiangying's products are all outfitted with mounting kit.

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General Manager (Bill Wang)
Tel.: +86-574-88197777
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E-mail: Bill@xiangying.com.cn