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Production Facilities

Since its foundation in 1993, Seri-Xiangying has perfected both its products and production techniques. Meanwhile, it also developed its total area of 100,000 square meters and a production base of 70,000 square meters. in Seri-Xiangying's production base, there are over eighty machining equipment, including CNC laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, German automatic welding machines, 500t hydraulic presses, high-end CNC press brake, CNC electroplating machine, leveling machine, polishing machine, and metal shearing machine. The production base is outfitted with more than seven hundred staffs, including more than fifty engineers, which are mainly responsible for quality control as well as technical support and technical development.

1. Raw materials
Austenitic stainless steel from large stainless steel producer in China, such as Jiuquan Iron And Steel (Group) Co., Ltd , Tianjin Tisco & Tpco Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Cold Rolling Plant Of Bxsteel Plates Co., Ltd.

They perfectly meet with the national and ASTM standards towards 430, 201, 304 stainless steel.

2. Feeding
Seri-Xiangying is equipped with a production line, integrating fully-automatic de-coiling, matting, and film attaching together. The production line is PLC controlled, featuring accurate measurement and automatic processing.

3. Laser cutting
Seri-Xiangying has several fully automated CNC cutting machines, including four laser cutting machines and two automatic tube cutting machines. Therefore, they enjoy a high cutting efficiency, well supporting the production requirements from markets.

4. Automatic steel tube cutting machine
Automatic steel tube cutting machine needs zero manual operation, and it will generates zero spark or dust in cutting, well ensuring the security of operators.

Meanwhile, automatic steel tube cutting machine also features precise machining, easy operation, prompt cutting and wide application.

5. Shearing
Seri-xiangying has ten CNC shearing machines, mainly responsible for custom cutting according to varied design and application requirements. After that, checking and testing towards surface treatment effect and thickness should be carried out.

6. Press braking
There are twenty CNC hydraulic press brakes equipped in Seri-Xiangying. Among them, allowable max. machining length is 4100mm. And thanks to the electrohydraulic servo system and linear encoder of our bending machines, an extremely high simultaneous controlling accuracy, a high bending accuracy and an excellent positioning accuracy could be realized.

CNC press brake is made of steel sheets. These sheets will undergo a comprehensive series of procedures, including welding, clamping, and overall machining with CNC machining centers. In this way, a high rigidity and high machining accuracy could be realized.

CNC press brake is outfitted with piecewise upper dies with diverse lengths. They could be pieced together for certain width, thus a special machining requirements towards workpieces could be satisfied.

Linear guide with rack and pinion drive is outfitted on CNC press brake's back gauge, which helps to achieve a fast and rapid bending.

Automatic clamp and fast clamp are all available. If required, customer could choose one of them for decreased workload and improved working efficiency.

Moreover, best-in-class Delem DA51/DA65W/DA66W system introduced from Netherlands are also outfitted in our CNC press brakes.

7. Welding
In Seri-Xiangying, there are several manual welding machines, being controlled by operators with more than ten years working experience. Therefore, they are able to carry out strict quality control towards our catering equipment, guarantee that our customers are able to get qualified products.

Not only manual welding machine, automatic welding machines are also supplied in Seri-Xiangying. When compared with manual welding machines, automatic welding machine will enjoy a higher welding accuracy, faster welding speed and more attractive welding effect.

8. Packaging
High-strength corrugated box will be introduced, allowing products' security during transportation. After packaging, sophisticated quality control staffs will start their finished product testing, so that customers will get the finest products.

9. Finished product warehouse
Seri-xiangying has a 4,000 square meters' finished product warehouse. In the warehouse, different products are stored clearly and orderly. Staffs worked in the warehouse will check their amount and types regularly according to the standards of ISO9001-2000 international quality management system, and then record them carefully, which could provide much convenience for future product tracking.

10. Delivery
Seri-Xiangying is granted rights of self-managed import and export. Thus it could complete overseas business independently according to customers' requirements.

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