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Stainless Steel Double Speed Rack Bottle Holder

1. High grade stainless steel body, heavy duty and durable
2. Suit for display in dining house or bar, etc.
3. All edges finished to provide safety, burr free
4. Fashionable design and convenient to use
5. Speed rail hanger is optional
6. Factory manufacture and selling directly. With competitive price, good quality and best sales service
7. Custom sizes, design and material are available
8. NSF certificated

Item Name Bottle Holder
Width 8"
Length 22" 32" 34" 42" 46" 58" 70"
Depth 10-1/2"H
Whole body Material 430S/S or 304S/S
Thickness 20gauge 18gauge or 16gauge
Speed Rail Hanger Optional
Packing 1pc/carton
Approval NSF, ISO9001

To avoid scratches, use a soft cloth to gently wipe it;
To avoid deformation, please do not use sharp object to hit against our products.

As a leading stainless steel double speed rack bottle holder manufacturer and supplier, Seri offers a variety of stainless steel catering equipment with custom service since 1993. Here are different sizes of stainless steel double speed rack bottle holders to choose. Seri owns complete metal machining equipment, covering the process of shearing, punching, bending, grinding, polishing, etc, so we provide high quality stainless steel bar speed rack and speed rail with competitive price, also custom stainless steel kitchen products are available for home, commercial and restaurant applications.

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